The Reclamation is an epic campaign set in the desert continent of Illisame within the world of Eberrron, a place that until recently was largely uninhabited and practically inhospitable to all but the hardiest and most insidious of life forms.

Rumours of powerful artifacts and ancient weapons of war have stirred old enemies and alliances into routine exploration and plunder, each hoping to find something to gain an advantage over the other. What few ships make it from distant continents will find themselves moored at Scarabban, a rusted iron mass on the land that owes its survival and expansion to the newly discovered and seemingly inexhaustible fresh water springs deep beneath it.

This tactically advantageous foothold on the continent has created a free-for all with rulers and commoners alike as well as the daring and the desperate and whilst many arrive, still fewer leave as return journeys are scarce and bold captains scarcer, for the reefs are deadly, the routes treacherous and only the most affluent of travellers can afford the rarely offered passage aboard an Elemental Airship.

Is the Last War doomed to be repeated, will old allies become new enemies?

All that is certain is that the sand ever drinks the blood of fools.


The Reclamation DavidMurphy