Scarabban groans and expands like a great stone cadaver as a growing surge of humanity plots, schemes and battles within it’s entrails, many races and factions dwell within its ruined walls and displaced refugees and tribesmen flock to the city daily in search of aid and shelter.
It is not unusual to see throngs of people several miles long camped around the Palatius Innocenti hoping for an audience with the Hanged Men, although few ever receive such an honour, indeed many are moved on- by force if required, and the rest succumb to hunger, disease or simply give up.

A hulking iron and sandstone collossus on the southern coast of Illisame, overlooked by its now largely defunct Sigh Spires that once would have provided the city with much of its eldritch lifeblood.

Much of it is now lost to the sands and the remainder worn by time and desert winds, with its age and origin unknown it serves as the only functional port and city on the continent, providing a vital base of operations for the myriad of kingdoms and factions that would seek to claim and conquer the surrounding lands and ruins. Eldritch magics and ancient machinery are to be found in abundance, much of it with mysterious origins and uses, most of it in need of repair, remnants of a bygone age and herald to further use yet.

Keeping order in the city with such a diverse and often opposed populous falls to the Bleached Watch, an organised and professional group of soldiers who spend their time policing the walls, resolving conflicts and maintaining the peace.
The watch are directly answerable to the Hanged men, who act as servants and spokespersons for the ruling Council Innocentius a child council who are said to be the descendants of the demigods that were alleged to have built the city.

Scarabban comprises of many districts, these include;

The Rustway
The Great Bazaar
Cognisanti Annomilarium
Gear Mausoleum
Palatius Innocenti
The Docks
The Pantheon of the Bleeding Lamp
The Golem Sanctuary
The Muffled Slums
Camp of the Bloody Safari

There are several quarters that are predominantly inhabited by certain factions and these are usually kept far apart from each other in order to prevent the inevitable hostilities and confrontations that generally result when they meet.

The main three are;

Aundair District
A large district in the northeast which would have once housed the nobility of Scarabban, now populated and governed by designates from The Kingdom of Aundair.

Karrnath District
To the southeast, this district was mostly comprised of abandoned warehouses but is now used and populated by citizens and emmisaries from The Kingdom of Karrnath.

The Plaza of Houses
A huge district set amongst various ruined monstaries and alms houses in the north west of the city that provides a base of operations for the many houses that are out to stake a claim here.


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